Jackson & Adina Say Hello

Hi everyone,We are so excited to be here at Phila Deli. What a great opporunity to join the community of small business owners. In just the first month we have met so many new and friendly people in our community here. We are happy to continue making Philly Cheesesteaks! A little about us. I'm from Arizona but have traveled abroud the states visiting New York City, Pittsburgh, Atlantic City, Chicago, and so on, although I have worked in family-owned italian eateries, I am a busy Payroll/HR Professional. Jackson is from San Diego and has worked in the food industrusty about 15 years and his passion is cooking to make people happy, truly. We love traveling, wine country, sight seeing, the Food Network, AGT, Yahtzee, and we are true foodies at heart. We are really happy to be the new owners at Phila Deli and we hope that you'll stop by to say hello and enjoy the food we make with lots of passion and love from the heart.